Family Homesteads, Russia

Family homestead – is 1 hectare of land. Family plans and implements their own space for life and love on a plot of land for family homestead.

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Family Homesteads
Family Homesteads

Project name: Family Homesteads – Perfection of the Dwelling Land on Earth

Project location: The entire world

Website: http://vmegre.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VladimirMegre/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/240301879819774/

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Project description:

Family homestead movement is developing in Russia for more than 15 years.
Family homestead – is perfection of the dwelling land in its broadest sense.
Family homestead – is a philosophy of life, aimed at fostering a strong family as a basis for a prosperous state.

Family homestead – is 1 hectare of land. Family plans and implements their own space for life and love on a plot of land for family homestead. A family builds a house, plants a garden, vegetable garden, pond, live fence around the perimeter of the site. People without state support buy abandoned, vacant plots on one hectare of land, organize the settlement, in which carry power lines, building roads at their own expense. Children are born, improving the nation's gene pool, solved many social problems. In a joint action together with the government could be millions of family homesteads. And this is the solution of the food problem, demographic explosion, social calmness and significant scientific progress.
The idea of the family homestead – the only possible answer to many unanswerable questions of modern civilization. And this answer is not because of hopelessness, but due to the recognition of the beauty and joy of human life on nature. Life without the destruction of nature, but rather with a constant transformation even lifeless and exhausted before spaces into blooming gardens.
The idea of the family homestead was supported by millions of people on the planet. The main idea of the books – perfection of the dwelling land through the creation of family homestead is set out in a fascinating art form in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series.
We're missing a new ideological paradigm that unites all people on the basis of universal human values, on the principles of relationship between man and nature, the combination of freedom and responsibility, the recognition of the perfect man, which able with their creativity to ensure self-sufficiency, and return the beauty and harmony on the earth. And this paradigm laid in the idea of resettlement of the family homestead.

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On a national scale, according to many scientists, familiar with the idea firsthand, the creation of family homesteads will lead to following favorable changes:

  1. Fast recovery of soil fertility will happen in the family homesteads and settlements. There will be a safe environment for human habitation. Healthy, organic food will be available in the near future.
  2. The nation's health will start to improve. Thanks to self-confidence will increase the birth rate in the future.
  3. The problem of housing in the cities will be weakened. The decrease in the concentration of people in cities will solve the problem of overpopulation of large cities.
  4. Will start the revival of the village. Economic boom will take place, especially in building industry.
  5. The self-sufficiency of the family with the food will reduce the problems of social security: pensions, unemployment and child benefits and so on.
  6. The problem of ecology will be solved. The solution of environmental problems will contribute to the development of tourism at the state level, especially the development of ecotourism. Interest will increase to unprecedented scale, because a new way of life will attract a lot of tourists. Income-generating hotels, recreation centers, sanatoria can be built near the settlements.

The presented project will develop in the future.
Today, in Russia alone, more than 370 settlements - new communities consisting of family homesteads - have already been created, and their number is growing with each year. More than 40,000 families have begun to lead a healthy way of life, and plant gardens and flowers, turning their hectares into blooming oases

Family Homesteads
Family Homesteads

Goal and purpose of the project:

Goal: to provide for those who so desire plot of land with the right of the ownership for the duration of a person's life and with the right of transfer by succession.
Purpose: adoption of the Family Homesteads Law with the consolidation of the status – family homesteads land.

Motivation of the applicant / applicant team:

I want to be useful to society. I want people became interested in the idea that will change the world for the better, in which there will be no wars or conflicts between people and countries. I think the idea of Family Homesteads will contribute to this.

Use of prize money:

Should the Family Homestead Project find support, we would like to direct half of any prize money received to organizing similar competitions, and the other half to creating a film about Family Homesteads. In this film we’ll tell about this concept and show how the life of a person who chooses this path is transformed. Thanks to the film, we’ll be able to help the concept of homestead settlements reach as large a number of people as possible, around the whole world. This can change the world for the better and help protect the environment. After all, the people in settlements treat nature with great care: they enrich abandoned lands and plant a large number of trees and flowers. They create a new world, one where there is no aggression, no war, no crime.

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Die Liebe zur Erde BODENREFORM by Dr. Thomas P von Wedenland on Scribd

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