Book 8.1 - “The New Civilisation”

The New Civilisation chronicles another visit by Vladimir Megré to Anastasia and their son, providing new insights into practical co-operation with Nature and showing in even greater detail how you can apply Anastasia's wisdom to your own life.

Describing how the visions presented in the previous books have already taken beautiful form in real life and produced huge changes in Russia and beyond, the author discerns the birth of a new civilisation.
Anastasia shows Vladimir a vivid scene of America's radiant future, revealing how the conflict between the powerful and the helpless and between the rich and the poor can be overcome and thereby lead to positive transformations in both individuals and society.

The New Civilisation demonstrates the proven power of Anastasia's creative imagery, as she inspires us to become co-creators of a marvelous future for all mankind.

Anastasia's word-images are being taken up by thousands of readers of the Ringing Cedars Series, and also it seems, by the Universe itself. Across the globe, as if responding to a call, people from all walks of life are committing their support to the creation of this radiant vision of a "Paradise Planet".

Such beneficial energy can flow from Man as has never before been seen. Every living creature on the Earth needs this energy just as it needs air, sunshine and water. And even sunlight is but a reflection of the great energy emanating from Man.

– Anastasia

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Impfungen - Ein Arzt klärt auf! Dr. Johann Loibner Teil 1 from Deutsches Reich on Vimeo.

Impfungen - Ein Arzt klärt auf! Dr. Johann Loibner

Impfungen ein Arzt klärt auf Teil 2 from Deutsches Reich on Vimeo. Wenn das die Menschheit wüsste…  
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