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Anastasia talks to Vladimir:

Avoid the destructive force!

Stop the negative energies away from you!

All women were the sexual intercourse with men,
who have opened themselves to the thought of destruction,
strictly refuse.
Sun this destructive spirit of the force is removed from the reproductive system.

If the women would keep it, there would soon be no more wars!
What man will have to fight even when it is asleep no woman with him?

Then he could have no more descendants.
If the women are united, no one will start a war.
The fall of Eve and all women living today can be atoned for in this way.

And what will happen on earth?

They will bloom again to its original beauty.

You are quite stubborn, Anastasia you apply the same dreams as ever after.
But is not that a bit naive?
How can you think of the women on earth?

How could I believe in women, Vladimir?

What I do know that they all have a divine essence.
May develop this core in its full beauty!
Oh My Goddess, women on earth!
Shows you the whole universe in your original heavenly beauty!
You are perfect creatures, born from the dream of primordial god.
Every single one of you is able to harness the cosmic energies.
Oh, you women, goddesses of the earth and the entire universe.

I'm already accustomed to some of you, Anastasia, but this goes too far all women goddesses?
And what if you please with the shop assistants and cleaners, with lock washers and waitresses?
And with the housewives, day in, day out, cook at home, cook and rattling with dishes?
Not to mention ordinary fixer inside and hookers they are something all goddesses?
Well you know Anastasia, which borders on blasphemy indeed almost.
Okay fine ladies praying in church or dancing at a ball, something one might call goddesses.
But such shabby mob? I have to ask that!

Vladimir, the circumstances, the earthly goddesses are forced to stand all day in the kitchen.
You said I am like a wild animal and my lifestyle is primitive.
Can you please tell me then why the women of your civilized world spend a large part of your life in a kitchen?
Why are they forced to scrub floors and to haul heavy loads while shopping?
You've boasted about your civilization so then why is there so much dirt in it?
And why do you turn the beautiful goddess of the earth in cleaners?

Anastasia Volume 4 (Creation Chapter 9 Avoid the destructive power)

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